Location, Location, Location

Illini Union

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is hosting GIS Fair 2009: “Location, Location, Location – At Illinois, the Geographic Information Sciences are Everywhere.”

This event will draw attention to the rich activities relating to GIS throughout the University and the availability of GIS software through the WebStore and in computer laboratories across campus.

The GIS Fair will take place December 9 in Illini Rooms A, B, C of the Illini Union.

Schedule of Events
11:00-11:15 Welcome by Illinois Informatics Institute Director John Unsworth
11:15-12:15 Keynote by Dr. Spencer Wells
12:15-12:30 Break/pizza and soft drinks
Lightning talks/booths (in parallel), providing a chance to hear from
dozens of faculty as well as corporate and government entities with
rich GIS activities
2:50-3:00 Prize drawing and awards for the GPS Rally

The keynote speaker, Spencer Wells, a population geneticist, is described by
The National Geographic Society as follows:

Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, Spencer Wells, is one of our most
sought-after speakers. You may be familiar with his groundbreaking work
leading the Genographic Project, which grew out of his book and PBS
film Journey of Man. The Genographic Project is seeking to chart new
knowledge about the migratory history of the human species by using
sophisticated laboratory and computer analysis of DNA contributed by
hundreds of thousands of people from around the world.
The Genographic Project website offers examples of how Spencer and his team have employed maps to communicate the story of the journey of man.

has a gift for communicating ideas in a way that can be appreciated by
a wide audience. He has made memorable appearances on news programs and
late night television, including a recent appearance on The Colbert

A new program featuring work from the Genographic Project entitled The Human
Family Tree recently premiered on The National Geographic Channel.

Click here to read Spencer’s biography.

Get involved:
We invite you to consider getting involved in the event in a variety of ways:

  • Encourage your students to take part in this event
  • Provide a chance for GIS Fair organizers to announce the event during one of your classes
  • Exhibit GIS-related related courses, research, service, outreach,
    extension, or administrative efforts conducted by yourself, your unit,
    or your students (dozens of spaces will be available)
  • Give a 5- to 10-minute lightning talk on a GIS-related subject of interest
  • Host a rally station in a public location in your building during
    the Global Positioning System (GPS) competition among students. This
    will provide a chance for students to see posters and other GIS-related
    work throughout campus. The competition is November 16-December 7.

About the rally:
Students will be given starting
coordinates (latitude and longitude) and initial instructions, and must
find a clue or code inside the building that will allow them to unlock
the coordinates and instructions for the next station. We expect to
establish a dozen stations (posters, books in display cases, pieces of
art, etc.) around campus that are public, safe, accessible, and
pertinent to geography, maps, and GIS, broadly considered. After
traveling from station to station using GPS units (which will be
available at the Undergraduate Library), students will have enhanced
their geographic literacy and learned for themselves that at Illinois,
the Geographic Information Sciences truly are everywhere.

polls are available for you to show your interest in taking part in
ways beyond attendance. We very much hope to see wide representation of
GIS-related work at the fair and in the GPS tour or rally.

Use these links to let us know what you’re interested in:
Illinois GIS Fair Lightning Talks

Illinois GIS Fair 2009 Exhibit Space

Illinois GIS Fair GPS Rally

You can also contact the chair of GIS Fair 2009, Charlie Linville,
linvill@illinois.edu if you have questions, suggestions, or would like to get involved in GIS Fair 2009 in other ways.

The GIS Fair 2009 is hosted by:
Applied Technologies for Learning in the Arts and Sciences

Department of Geography

ESRI Development Center

Illinois Informatics Institute

University Consortium of Geographic Information Science

University of Illinois WebStore

University Library

To learn more about the GIS Fair,  visit: http://webstore.illinois.edu/GISFair/